A soldier from Calne who died during the First World War and was buried under a civilian gravestone is finally to have full honours.

Ernest Bennett, who died on Christmas Day 1916 of an illness after being discharged as unfit for service, received a full military funeral.

However, he was buried in Trowbridge Cemetery without the usual plain white, military gravestone and his name was not included on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission roll.

Historian Richard Broadhead of Hilmarton has been campaigning since finding that around 60 Wiltshire soldiers were buried without proper honours.

He said: “It is a victory, but at the same time I cannot celebrate until the others have received the appropriate gravestones.”

He said it was important to get the correct names on the War Graves Commission roll because statistics are taken from it.

“It’s just something that got under my skin,” he said.“It’s similar to a service man dying in Afghanistan or Iraq and then being thrown in a pauper’s grave.

“We wouldn’t stand for it, quite rightly, and yet this is what has happened.”

Mr Bennett was born in 1886 and signed up with the Wiltshire Territorial Force on September 1 1914.

He developed frost bite and rheumatism while serving in Belgium and was evacuated to hospital, being discharged in September. He left a widow and two small children living in Calne.

Mr Broadhead’s The Great War Chippenham Soldiers is to be released in November.